Modern CNC engineering is a specialty that is found within the field of mechanical and precision engineering, and nowadays it accounts for the production of a hugely wide and varied range of parts for hundreds of different industries. Modern CNC can mass produce parts to a very high level of precision, CNC lathes, cutters, milling machine, and plasma cutters being used.


What is CNC Engineering? The History of CNC

Before CNC there was NC, machines being numerically controlled long before the introduction of the modern computer. The first numerically controlled machines were invented in the 1940’s and 1950’s, these machines now being obsolete and having been replaced by computers. CNC first came about in the late 1950’s, the first CNC engineered parts being manufactured for the aerospace industry after the Second World War. These first computers were very rudimentary when compared with the computers we find today, a slow but steady progression over the decades seeing more and more computers being used in everyday industries all over the globe.